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September 27, 2009


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I just want to say "Thanks" for sharing your info on this blog. I've been following you for sometime now, and you are quite accurate. I also am looking for a rally to the 1100-1108 (possibly more) before the bear market resumes.

There is an "un-filled" gap from October of 2008 that they are trying to close. 1108 would close that gap. After that, the bulls' party is over!

I posted my weekend update on my blog, and it's right in line with your thoughts. Although I use different methods to predict mine (flipping a coin, throwing darts, spinning a wheel), it's still about the same as yours.

Thanks again...


Jack De Veaux

Hey reddragonleo - thx for the post - appreciate your thoughts - the market is at a very interesting junction this week ... I'll be checking your blog. Jack

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